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Updates on life

Tue Mar 7, 2017, 11:43 PM
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  • Drinking: Tea
So first and foremost, I can say that my health is making good improvements.
I can drive without worrying about having a gagging-fit, and work is helping my blood-pressure as well since I'm walking around for anywhere between 4-8 hours a day.

Since I work anywhere between 4-8 hours a day, I don't have much time for DA things so if I vanish for large chunks out of the week, please forgive me. I haven't left for the billionth time already lmfao, I'm just busy.

As for what I'm doing on my off time, I am starting Ayane's fan fiction. It takes place within the Engraved story and Warriors Orochi Warriors 3.

But, I'm also working on the 2nd full draft of my work I'm aiming to publish one day. I have a long way to go, considering the 1st draft is over 1000 pages in MLA format. It's a much darker story than my fanfiction works, and far more demanding out of my psychologically and mentally to write. If I am successful in publishing it in anyway, I'll share it here.... like years for now. The first draft took me about a year to write, so re-writing is probably going to take longer due to tweaks, changes and further developing weak areas in the story.

I'll render something occasionally, most likely related to either Palette, Engraved, or Ayane's story that has no working title. 

Gonna Start Streaming Soon ~3:00pm

Wed Feb 22, 2017, 2:59 PM
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Gonna work on some poses for some reworks

2 Guitar Covers are in

Thu Dec 8, 2016, 11:12 PM
  • Watching: Wrestler's Talking Sense Pod Cast
  • Drinking: Tea
(Gibson Les Paul 1950's Tribute)
Added some metal to one of my favorite anime songs to play.
I'll do a full band cover solo once I get more gear and software.

LTD V-500 w/ EMG 60/81

On this one, I didn't get a flawless play through and I do plan on re-taking it when I can.
My hands were shivering because it was around 40 degrees in the garage.

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I'm going to be recording way more guitar covers in the future.

A big reason of why my work slowed a bit recently is because I started playing guitar more actively again, especially now that I can no longer airsoft for an undetermined amount of time. One of the reasons my DA name was switched to Konos-P was because I do want to make music. No, I'm not going to try to be the next big thing or anything like that, I just really love music. I already have a few songs written, but recording them will take a awhile a while since I still have to pull more gear and software together, but recording covers will give me a lot of experience.

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Spurred on by recent successes with a few tests, I'm green lighting some ideas I had on the shelf for more renders as well as more tests.

One thing I would like to ask help for is Naotora, and specifically, the Irokichigai mod.

Mature Content

DOA5LR -Succubus Queen- Naotora Ii by Irokichigai01

Naotora dirty skin by Konos-P

The body base on the right is what the model's body texture looks like for me, as opposed to the one on the left which is a texture that works. I tried converting the dds file into a png, and that didn't work. When I tired to fix the image in photoshop by adding background color like the example on the left, I could see that the texture is flawed for some reason.

Normal One
Screenshot (145) by Konos-P

The 'dirty' or 'light' texture with a base color added beneath it. You can see a lack of almost all detail in any skin coloration, as well as a lack of nails, nipples, knee caps or clavicle. 
Screenshot (144) by Konos-P

If anyone can help me figure out how to correct this, or fix it for me, I'd be so helpful.

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  • Drinking: Fireball…

Box caught this guy stealing my work, and with a little digging, I found that he stole work from a few others (I commented on the deviations I found). 

Update on the situation:

Ryugan removed the deviations that were called out, but his facebook still has them (although I don't see him claiming them, I think) and his blogger site is now invite only.

These were his responses 

look, RPG and light novels are interpretations of texts, images are illustrative meramentes, and old, consider them as mods, will remove most because the owners own the characters have created a vast content for reference of my stories.

First Airsoft Video is up

Mon Oct 17, 2016, 12:33 PM
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Some good news for once!

Sun Oct 2, 2016, 10:37 PM
  • Watching: What Culture
  • Drinking: Fireball
With my health on the upswing, I'm going to try my best to get back out there on the airsoft field.

This time though, I'll have a GoPro.

I really, REALLY wanted to have a GoPro for BBWARS Origins: Airsoftology, especially since I had my duel with Bob the Axe-Man. 

Now, there's no way I can match the sheer video output like the bigger names like Nov, Node and Jet the Desert Fox, but I do plan on at least having some production value to the videos with at a minimum, good editing. The one thing I might find a problem is the fact that I typically play the supportive role... which means boring for some, but I can off advice and tips for the support types who don't want to run around at mach3.


Mon Sep 26, 2016, 2:45 PM
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Alright, I need to keep my mind occupied, and get back in touch with everyone... 
So, I'm starting back up a series of contests!
Instead of a series of questions, I will only have a single question, perhaps weekly even.

Prize is a render by me, of your choosing, as long as it falls within DA and my rules.
Please submit your answer in the comments below.
Good Luck!

Week 1 Trivia: Why did I make Marie Rose a master of firearms and modern combat?

Update on Health

Sat Sep 17, 2016, 11:38 PM
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So this is what I learned from my appointment with my Doctor.

Physically, I'm fine, just overweight, so most of this has to be from some underlying cause of stress.
I should mention that I do suffer from a form of PTSD (not sustained in the Army, but was aggravated during)  and was labeled professionally 'Mentally Unstable' at a time.

I hope this is not what's causing my symptoms, but for now I'll do my best to relax and try to take it easy as much as I can. 

There is a very important series of renders I'm sitting on, so hopefully I'll finish those soon.

Lack of activity due to health

Wed Sep 7, 2016, 8:02 AM
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Hey guys

Just wanted to let you guys know that the reason I haven't worked on anything for a bit is due to a problem I have. I'm not sure if it's physical or mental, but I'm always on the verge of gagging to the point of throwing up. It's affecting my ability to even drive myself to school or anywhere. My own shirts feel like they're choking me on bad days and I can't have any weight on my shoulders.

I'm in the process of signing up for healthcare, which I could never afford, but I was reminded that I could go the VA Hospital as well. I was under the impression that it had to be an emergency only. Either way, I'm going to try my best to get this problem fixed.

Update 1
Going to the hospital tomorrow 

Update 2
VA set me up with an appointment in October. If this becomes an immediate emergency then I have the ER to go to now at least

Update 3
Went to the VA hospital again. I managed to get my blood drawn and schedule a 30 min appointment specifically to address this issue. Here's hoping. 


Fri Aug 5, 2016, 12:49 PM
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Will be streaming with a special guest, Torichasensei!
Come on by and say hi!

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quick notes: (details later)

Game 1: Spawn West wall, E and I rushed straight to our sniping area at the Airport Corner. E placed a mini light ontop of the barrier and it attracted a lot of fire from the Imperials.

Game 2: Hikaru's batteris (3 total) dead. Otaku Minigunner  was warned not to hold the trigger, kid pinned behind barrel

Game 3: Northwall spawn. Kill house 2 defense hold.

Game 4: Objectives were to prevent Bob from getting captured while attempting to capture Higgs and hold their base till the end of the game. Bob was in kill house 2. Hardest defense of my life. Bob (non combatant), E, Bob's gaurd (pistol only) and myself protected Bob till the end. Confirmed kill for me, lit up the dude that peeked the barrier he pushed up.

6 year duel: I got my duel with Bob at the end of the photo ops and signatures. Was a best of 3, points went 1 to bob, 1 clash, 1 point to me, and the extra round to me.

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Gamepod Map by Konos-P
     The first thing I should admit, or let you know about my airsoft play style is this: I don't play objectives. Reason being is that I'm not in a good enough condition to do things like drag oil drums, and my load out wouldn't be the best for close-quarter fighting which you will find yourself in looking for objectives. Because of this, I have a supportive, long range style of fighting, and I have key locations that I like to fight from if I can get to them. So with this in mind, I'll start going through the games.

Game 1 - Spawn location was the North wall.

After funneling a team of over 100 players through a normal sized door, I immediately ran towards my favorite spot from the North. Running up the alleyway, a huge amount of the rebel team broke through the school yard and occupied the school yard, the minivan and kill house 1. This meant that Kill house 2 was completely safe to set up shop.  

Almost immediately I began to suppress the doors of the school houses since I saw a light pointing towards me from the dark. I never saw it again, so either that guy left, or I killed him. From then on out, the rest of the game involved me shooting at imperials peeking the corner of the minimart, the white sedan on second street and the barricade. Despite my very obvious position since I use my tac-light as a tracer to see the flight of my BB's, I didn't hear or feels BB's hit the wall of Kills house 2 or the thin metal of East wall which is about 10 feet away. Throughout game 1, I had other players cover my fire-lane, including a taller guy who had a tracer unit while I swapped my magazines out or wind them when I realized something.

For the very first time since I started playing airsoft, I actually ran out of BB's. I managed to go through 1200 BB's in a single game across 3 lonex flahmags (300 bb count each) and a regular high cap (300). I actually had to give up my window and reload my magazines with more bbs while rebels kept control of the fire lane and continued to move freely through the alley and up A street into the school yard.

A funny event I should mention that happened at the start of the game, we had an emergency cease fire because one of the rebels threw a SMOKE GRENADE. Gamepod is indoors. I don't know what reasoning he had to throw it, but that was pretty hilarious.

With game 1 over, I was deathless. 

Game 2 - Spawn location was the North wall.

     While the Imperials seemingly rolled over for game 1, game 2 they brought it. A large chunk of the rebels were pinned against the kill houses, smoke shop buildings and inside kill houses 4,3, and 2.
Kill house 2 was a bloody nightmare. Kill house 1 was occupied by the imperials, and were keeping their fire up on the kill house 2 window and door way as well as the alley. We couldn't push out for a while. After a rally command by Bob, the entire Rebel force that was emassed in the area charged straight into the school yard. By the amount of people that were walking back to respawn, I could only assume how much fire they took. We did temporarily take kill house 1 during this, but I ended up getting shot in the neck for my trouble.

     After my respawn, I attempted to support the airport forces from kill house 4, but the large amount of rebels walking back to respawn made it impractical. Moving towards the spawn area, I opened fire at Imperials looking at our spawn, and I was alone in that action. I took 3 highly lobbed (shooting way above your target to extend your range) bbs to the foot. The ref let me know to not fire from my position because it encourages the other players to shoot back towards your spawn. I followed it even though I really hate the fact that the enemy team can have a direct fire line to our spawn.

     My last fighting position from game 2 was the corner of the while shooting at a imperial moving a barricade and kept him pinned so bad that he had to drag it back to a corner. During lunch later while standing in line, I happened to be standing in front of him in line and talked about how funny that situation was. My battery died during my suppression of that area, and I sat out the rest of the game. As we walked off the field and the staging area, I held a short conversation with Bob the Axeman. I didn't go full fan boy, and he really is a down to Earth and chill dude.

     During lunch, I briefly talked with Krytac Tim (formerly, AirsoftGi Tim, ie, the Imperial leader during the Tim vs Bob games) at the Krytac booth, namely the second generation of Krytac LVOA's, the black one. He seemed more business focused so I didn't want to bother him too much more.  
     Also during lunch, I hooked up Shawn, a younger player who ran a m249 that malfunctioned on him during game 2 with my 416c.

Game 3 - Spawn location West Wall.

     To my delight, the access path behind the jail was open, which meant that we had a essentially clear path to the airway boulevard and the motel building corner, a very important corner to maintain for our side. Once at the corner, I began working with another rebel who had a very unique gas-powered DMR based off a Rugger .22. Using Hikaru's range, I quickly began to blanket fire the travel agency doorway, the Pizzeria corner and the car near it, as well as through the gap of the minivan and Marui Sushi.   
     The dune buggy was under control of the Rebels for this game due to our control of the gas station during game 2, and as it flushed Imperials off the streets, the Airport blvd sniper team managed to pick a few off as well as maintain area control through third street, which in turn helped reduce their ability to set up control C and D streets. This also meant that rebels trying to get into the airport itself had some cover fire. 
     Half way into the game, a large amount of sweat dripped directly into my eye. I really tried hard not to, but I ended up calling 'BLIND MAN!' Unfortunately, even with another rebel calling it as well, no refs were nearby to call the temp. ceasefire. Deciding to just 'ef it, that rebel (who I never got a chance to learn his name or thank), told me to grabs his shoulder and he began leading me out back to the staging area. This meant that once we reached first street, any imperials with a itchy trigger finger past the school yard would light us up. As we walked, I kept my head down and held my rifle up as he held up his rifle and arm as well as we kept repeating 'dead man coming through'. Most unfortunate, I got shot in the ear for the first time.
     Once I got a chance to wipe my eyes and re-apply some anti-fog, I headed back out onto the field and re-spawned, heading back to my AO (area of operations). After a few more kills with the help of the sniper with the gas powered rifle, the game ended.
    As my new found friend and I walked past our spawn, we realized that the Rebel team took a HUGE amount of the chemical weapons barrels, and most likely won that round.


Game 4 - Spawn location West Wall

     E, the sniper I worked with from the last game thought we should just hit the Airport Blvd corner once again, and I couldn't disagree since that was my MO as well. The major difference here was that the buggy with the MINIGUN mounted on top of it was now under Imperial control and unlike the Imperials, the rebels didn't have a RPG team to take it out (BBs won't disable it or kill it's occupants, and we're instructed not to shoot them with a airsoft gun.) 
     At the start of the game, E and I along with a handful of rebels that came with us rushed straight to the airport and motel corner, with some rebels jumping straight into the airport. At the most, we had a team of about 5 shooting down third street, enough cover for a few rebels to push up to the minivan and attempt to control fourth street, which would lead to the imperials being indirectly spawn camped the moment they leave the safety of apartment 1. We had a good amount of rebels grouped up at the minivan... and then the buggy came to life.
     I saw the green laser pointer begin to crawl up, and a rebel pulled back around the corner, letting me know it was onto me. The moment we saw the buggy move down third street and get close to our position, several rebels jumped through the window of the motel, and since I can't do that, I ran to hide behind the car behind the motel and waited with E to see if anyone would peek the corner. When no one did and the buggy was audibly somewhere else, we resumed control of the corner. One of my 2 deaths at this corner lead to a interesting push from a younger player. As I was dead and walking back to re-spawn, the kid was running and gunning rebels all the way up to about the jail before he finally was hit.
     The rest of the game, E and continued to hold the corner.

Quick XPS Hair Mod Demonstration

Tue Jul 26, 2016, 1:01 AM
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Made a quick demonstration (not a step by step tutorial) on how to do a hair mod (hair change).
This assumes that everything goes right, mind you.

For those who might need further guidance, feel free to ask.

XNALARA is not complying.

Sat Jul 23, 2016, 10:22 PM
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I want to work on XNA.
I have render ideas to do and new models to use, but XNA will not export new models. At all.
It's gotten to the point that I can save the scene with a new model, close the program, and when I open that same scene again, it can't find the file. So after searching for it through the load model sequence from loading the scene, and it'll finally load the scene, but it'll still won't export properly.

Well, while I sort that out, here's some Vindictus videos I made for fun.


Sorry for the absence!

Thu Jul 21, 2016, 4:53 PM
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I've been busy all month.
When I'm not busy, my time was occupied by different games, one of which I'm just gonna go on a bit of a stint here.


The hardest thing about the game is fighting against the game itself. The game has very little opportunity to cancel any and all animations save for the Delia class, and a few other skills in different situations.

Having animation canceling at least to the point that MOST OTHER games have will let the game feel more natural to play. All characters have at least one dodge, but in most boss fights past Episode 1 use multiple, sweeping area attacks that render a single dodge useless. Upgrading your dodge gives you increments of invincibility, starting below .01's of a second. That doesn't make a difference with multiple attacks coming at you, and assuming you properly dodged it. Meanwhile, the boss' model is more than likely pushing you into a wall and creating a huge camera problem in which you can't see shit and you can't get out of.

The long recovery frames also leads into being combo'ed by the boss, with the resulting recovery frames keeping you locked into place until you're hit again. Easy mode doesn't fix shit. Potions are useless unless you buy the potions from the NX shop using real money. Revives fall into the same problem as potions. I'm fine with a free to play game being a money pit, but not when the game itself is absolute shit because these few problems make the game unbearable to play.

So, some ideas .

1. Let the dodge/block button cancel recovery animations reliably.

2. Let dodge ignore unit collision/move through units.

3. Remove the 'finish' mechanic completely. It serves no purpose and only makes fighting in close range harder.

have my latest video while we're talking bout vindictus

5th airsoft gameday!

Tue Jul 12, 2016, 1:41 AM
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I'm no longer a rookie, and I'm finding my comfort and style in airsoft, especially within Gamepod Combat Zone.

This day had two goals in mind: test out new gear and make sure my younger step-brother (that I consider a true brother because he is the best wingman you could ever need).

The 3 pieces of new gear I was testing was my Krytac LVOA named Hikaru Oono, Marie Rose (KWA ATP Gloc-17) and the D-boy mags I got with Hikaru from Airsoft GI

Map of Gamepod from a Evike Event PDF…
Gamepod Map by Konos-P

Right out of the bat, Hikaru lived up to her Krytac expectations with a kill from the alley way corner of Kill house 2, across second street to a target on Delta street as he was making his way to the airport. I only needed about a fist-sized lead on him to get him as he was moving. I was using my EOTECH 551 replica, and I had issues aiming due to the crosshair obscuring my targets, especially since when I had shoot outs with courtyard 1 & 2 buildings looking out into second street.

My stepbrother, who I'll refer to as 'Frost', is and was my wingman for the longest time, often being my support in stealth and dmr type gameplay in shooters. As I expected, he adjusted and adapted to airsoft really quickly after the first game jitters ran it's course. It was really refreshing having a battle buddy once again. He was using the APS Boar Tactical I gave him, but the Dye i4 I was letting him borrow was making it too hard for him to ADS, and the lack of a light meant he could barley see the flight of his BBs.
Still, he fought as hard as he could, even jumping in and out of windows after some encouragement.
Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 

Throughout the first game, the Krytac feeding issue hit me, and it was making Hikaru somewhat unreliable for the rest of the day to straight up unusable during the second game, causing me to walk off the field to troubleshoot her. 
onion head 'smoke' 

For the 3rd game, I played using Emiru (VFC 416c) with just the front iron-sight, a pts grip and my light. 

A quick comparison in range between Hikaru and Emiru.
    •With Emiru, I need to aim slightly above the target to hit a target from kill house 3 to the corner of         the office on Delta street.
    •Hikaru can and will go accurately wall to wall throughout Gamepod.

My best play with Emiru came from Kill house 2. 3 guys ran up on the the white truck that's not shown on the map by classroom 4 on A street. After shooting them between the building corner and the truck which they started to hide behind, I started shooting at their boots under the truck. At first they didn't call it but I could tell they reacted to it (they probably thought it was ricochets), but after my second go at them, they called themselves out.  
Evil Onion 

The rest of the game consisted of Frost and I harassing and suppressing the enemy moving across C and D streets towards the Airport. Although Emiru is shorter range, the new magazines fed perfectly with her, and I ended up putting out over 900 rounds with 9 midcaps.

Now, for my worst play. Ever.

After a organized charge with a group of about six gents from spawn, up A street and behind the smoke shop (that light blue rectangle is actually open space), I sat Emiru down on the ground and drew Marie Rose.

Now we were taking HEAVY fire from that tiny walk way between the bar and the tattoo shop, and I didn't know if we had enemies inside the buildings we were using for cover, so I went to check it with my side arm drawn. After a visual sweep confirming that the room was empty, I sneaked to the window to see if I can peek out and catch someone hugging the outside corners of that tiny alleyway.

Welp. I have a huge welt on my head to show what a stupid idea that was. 
onion head 'smoke'  I need to invest in grenades. 

BBWARS is coming, and I only have a few short weeks to get new magazines that work with Krytacs (which another player helped me identify, the Honey Badger mag he let me try fed great, and people have said in numerous places that the evike high rof mags also fed perfectly.)

At months end, I fight with Bob the Axe Man!

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KWA ATP (Gloc 17) -  Marie Rose - Engraved Mod by Konos-P

KWA ATP (Gloc 17) - Marie Rose Engraved Mod by Konos-P

For those who've read a fair bit of my Fan Fiction Engraved, this KWA ATP might seem familiar.
While Marie first used a Sig P226 and then (and still) a Walther PPQ, it was always described and depicted to have a brass colored ejection port alone with a brass match-grade barrel.

Well, I got that in my personal favorite 9mm handgun, the Gloc-17 (my personal favorite hand gun is the .40 cal version, it's slightly larger and fits my hand even better than the 17 does).

I picked Marie Rose up from a swap meet at my local airsoft field. I was trying to get as much money as possible, and while I did make a decent amount of money, I came away with a brand new AEG, and this beauty. Better still is the fact that she came upgraded exactly how I would have upgraded mine. The Air nozzle, outer barrel for sure have been upgraded with Angel Custom parts, and maybe the inner barrel was as well. 

The previous owner did tell me that 2 of the 4 mags that came with it leaked, which is fine because you can easily get that fixed, but also, with a level 2 blackhawk holster with the molle backing, so I have a ready to go side arm for games. I have no idea what her numbers will be, but I'll be chronoing her soon when I test out my new gear this coming Saturday.

Then, I wait for the end of the month.

#Bob's Rebels

Late night random stream!

Mon Jul 4, 2016, 11:31 PM
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